MIRTEC, "The Global Leader in Inspection Technology" announces it has been awarded contracts totalling over $15M with leading mobile solution manufacturers for their MV-7xi inline automated optical inspection (AOI) systems. MIRTEC's competitive advantages include leading edge optics and laser inspection technologies, a diversified customer base, and vertical market exposure along with an expanded geographic presence.

MIRTEC are proud to lead the AOI sector with regards to the many awards it has received from industry bodies and most importantly our customers.

Mirtec's MV-7L In-Line AOI system incorporates the Intelli-Scan Laser System which has the ability to precisely measure the Z-height of a given region of interest, offering superior lifted lead detection for gull wing devices, four-point height measurement capability for coplanarity testing of BGA and CSP devices, and enhanced solder paste measurement capability.

·  Accurate inspection for 1 lifted lead defects

·  3D-Scan® can detect minute opens of IC's

·  3D-Scan® can detect lifted leads of BSP and CSP Body

·  High accuracy and fast inspection

Many potential customers who would like to have MIRTEC AOI feel that due to the tight economic restraints their budget might not be enough and have to look at less capable systems. But now we have great news as we list several systems which are being moved on from our multiple training and support centres, these systems include MV-2HTL and the award winning MV-3L and MV-7L. These systems are all virtually brand new having only been used for a few hours training but are now being moved on as we prepare to launch our hi-resolution color digital top and angled cameras. Most models run the latest MIRTEC software and can accommodate the latest options.

Please contact your local MIRTEC distributor or MIRTEC EUROPE Ltd at +44 (0) 1752 206394 or send an email to

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